Shri Vasantraoji Pudale (Dada) Shikshan Prasarak Mandal , Palus.
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e-Learning is the main information communication and technology (ICT) tool used for teaching and collaborating learning.

Preparation for competitive exams

This School has been striving to provide the proper path to the students. It guides about preparation strategy, syllabus, important topics and evaluation of these examinations.

Plantation & Environmental Protection

Different varities of plant saplings including fruit yielding plants has been planted inside and outside the school premises.

100% Registration, 100% Attendance

The school objective include 100% Registration and 100% Attendance. Attendance for the purpose of examination is necessary.

Welcome to  Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus
Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus

Education is  must to all!

Shree Samarth Bal Vikas Mandir & Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus & Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus of SHRI VASANTRAOJI PUDALE SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANDAL was established in the year 2004 by Founder Shri. Vaibhavraoji Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale considering the need of ambient community.

It was a dream of Shri Vasantraoji Pudale (Dada). It’s aims are encouraging rural talent, promoting national integration and acting as a pace setting institution. This institution brings about the all round development of the student in every field with motivation and inspiration of all as a team work.

Education is a best friend goes lifelong.

Our Objectives

1) Our School invites students from all places with an objective to develop their potential in every walk of life.

2) Promotion of excellence is the basic objective of this institution. Besides achieving high academic standard, the school would like to develop an integrated personality of Students.

3) The school seeks to create conditions for all-round development of character in which fraternity, equality and justice for all shall be the guiding principles.

Our Goals

1) The main thrust is to provide the students an opportunity to adopt scientific knowledge at an early stage through a rich and well-stocked library and computer education, and help them evolve scientific temper.

2) Instead of limiting education as a method of instruction, various modalities and Instruments are pressed into service to enable students to undertake free enquiry with confidence.

3) Curricular and co-curricular activities have been designed by experts to help students to absorb sound moral values, a high degrees of social responsibilities, physical fitness and creativity.