Shri Vasantraoji Pudale (Dada) Shikshan Prasarak Mandal , Palus.
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e-Learning is the main information communication and technology (ICT) tool used for teaching and collaborating learning.

Preparation for competitive exams

This School has been striving to provide the proper path to the students. It guides about preparation strategy, syllabus, important topics and evaluation of these examinations.

Plantation & Environmental Protection

Different varities of plant saplings including fruit yielding plants has been planted inside and outside the school premises.

100% Registration, 100% Attendance

The school objective include 100% Registration and 100% Attendance. Attendance for the purpose of examination is necessary.

Children First

Safety First

Educational complex around the city in a pollution-free, quiet, romantic atmosphere Highly educated experts and experienced faculty.

Sports Facilities

Magnificent playground Modern sports and games Domestic and foreign sports equipment.

Technical Education

Technical education of arts like painting, sculpture, music, dance, acting, singing, playing etc. for the overall development of the students.

Festivals & Celebrations

Organizing various festivals and celebrations. Efforts to nurture the perfect child through cult health sports

Child Development

Working from the point of view of physical, mental and linguistic development required for primary education.

Drinking RO Water

Drinking RO Water Plant facility for students.

Personality Development

Teaches the kids to cultivate the right mindset to reach their ultimate goals in life.

Career Guidance

Career Guide is an intelligent Career Counselling Mobile app to help students with career decision & planning.

School Bus

improve social inclusion, providing access to education, employment and healthcare to all