Shri Vasantraoji Pudale (Dada) Shikshan Prasarak Mandal , Palus.
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e-Learning is the main information communication and technology (ICT) tool used for teaching and collaborating learning.

Preparation for competitive exams

This School has been striving to provide the proper path to the students. It guides about preparation strategy, syllabus, important topics and evaluation of these examinations.

Plantation & Environmental Protection

Different varities of plant saplings including fruit yielding plants has been planted inside and outside the school premises.

100% Registration, 100% Attendance

The school objective include 100% Registration and 100% Attendance. Attendance for the purpose of examination is necessary.

A Great Place For Education.

Shri. Vasantraoji Pudale (Dada)

             A grand welcome to the world of Shree Samarth Bal Vikas Mandir & Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus & Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus. The School prides itself on a high standard of teaching and the support it offers to students to help them succeed in achieving their goals. Our key priority is to ensure that students experience top quality teaching which allows you to achieve their full potential. 21st Century learning is not just about learning knowledge but how to construct it and apply it to life. I believe that my Students and Faculty are like the missiles, and can sky rocket their aspirations, materialize them and become global citizens. It is always a matter of pride to extend support to an enthusiastic team of students and faculty members who are focused to collaborate for the betterment of this School.

A Partnership In Discovery

Mr. Vaibhav Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale

B.E.(Chemical )


Mr.Suhas Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale



Mrs. Sanjeevani Suhas Suryawanshi



Achieving Excellence Together


1 Mr. Vaibhav Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale Founder
2 Mr.Suhas Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale Chairman
3 Mr. Anil Jaysingrao Kadam Vice Chairman
4 Mr. Ishwara Kundlik Sisal Treasurer
5 Mr. Suhas Anandrao Pudale Secretary
6 Mr. Mahendra Rangrao Mane Member
7 Mr. Pandurang Shivaji Pudale Member
8 Mr. Amol Balasaheb Pawar Member
9 Mr. Abhijeet Shivajirao Gondil Member
10 Mr. Jagannath Hindurao Pudale Member
11 Mr. Vaibhav Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale Member
12 Mr. Ganpatrao Anandrao Pudale Member
13 Mr. Prakash Hanmantrao Pudale Member

Principal Desk

Mr. G. B. Dubal

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) B.Ed, DSM, PGDWT


             "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"- Aristotle

             It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus & Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus website. I feel proud to be the principal of Shri Samarth primary and secondary English school and Abhijit Dada Kadam junior College palus. The golden years in school are not about lessons and homeworks but about growing and excelling in every way possible, to fit into the fast changing and fast progressing world. We at Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus & Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus are dedicated to provide catalytic impulses to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies though a self discovery process. We arm our student's with technological supermacy and help them integrate it with value's as we firmly believe that every child has the potental to achieve something significant. I urge all the teachers to create appropriate meaningful and participative learning situations inculcating values. life skills in the children. Shree Samarth Primary & Secondary English School , Palus & Abhijeet (Dada) Kadam Junior College, Palus. undertakes the challenging task of moulding the young impressionable minds into valuable assets of the society. and this is made possible by the our SHRI VASANTRAOJI PUDALE SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANDAL PALUS chairman Hon. Mr. Suhas Vasantraoji Suryawanshi - Pudale (Saheb) who is the backbone and mentor also exponent of this institution. It gives me great plesure to express my deep sense of gratitude and respect for him for infusing confidence and sense of enthusiasm in me and above all entrusting me with this challeging and pious mission. we under his supreme guidance are providing holistic and quality education to the students. At the end i would like to extend my best wishes to all our studens,staff,parents and alumni.

Warm regards